We’ve been “at home” for two years now. Thank you, COVID!

Inside a lot more because of remote school and working from home. 

How healthy is the air that we are breathing? When was the last time we changed the furnace filter? Had the air ducts cleaned? 

I admit it. I change my filters regularly BUT have not been diligent about the air ducts. I’m getting mine done soon. 

He’s one of the best HVAC guys in Ottawa. Having watched what he pulls out the ducts of what appears to be an immaculately clean house (think mould, large particles, mildew, etc.) would blow your mind.   

You’ll notice a dramatic improvement in indoor air quality. 

It will make for healthier living. 

But what if you are thinking of selling?

People notice smells and air quality as soon as they walk into a new house. A good agent will tell their Seller client about the simple fact: people instantly and subconsciously notice the air quality and/or the smell of the house.   Can they smell pets/pet hair? Is there a smoker in the house? Does the house smell ”damp”?  Does it smell like dinner?  Are there smelly shoes lined up at the door? Does it have that ‘old basement’ odour?

Thinking of listing your house? What’s on the “renovation” list or “spruce up the place” projects to do before listing your house? Most people overlook their air ducts. They are part of the overall health of your home. An important part of the HVAC system. Remember home inspections include the furnace and HVAC systems – and the air ducts.

Do the regular maintenance and cleaning of your HVAC system. That will keep it running efficiently. AND it will keep you healthier in the meantime. 


P.S. “I know a guy” if you need someone to take a look at your air ducts/HVAC system. Give me a shout or drop me a line if you want their contact info.