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What’s on the to-do list outside this summer?

It’s summer here in Ottawa. I’m in my backyard working on a new patio. I’m already thinking about ‘my next project’. 

It’s currently a lovely sunny day. I am looking forward to enjoying a coffee on the new patio. And I see a couple of quick projects that deserve a spot at the top of the list. 

Thinking of selling your home this year? I’ve got some projects for you to think about. These will make life more enjoyable for you. And will get the outside of your ready for sale. 

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Here’s a Challenge: How Do You Put Curb Appeal on a Townhouse?

Townhouses can be freehold or part of a condominium. What you CAN do will depend on the type of townhome you are selling.
Ignore the fact you might be working with a tiny front yard. Put aside your concerns about shared walls and condo restrictions that make it difficult to adapt generic curb appeal advice. In this post, I’ll help you achieve the curb appeal your neighbours would die for.

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How should a BUYER ‘price’ a home in today’s market?

When there is ‘balance’ in the real estate market between supply and demand, the traditional strategies work just fine. In this post, I cover those so that you understand what gets ingrained into a real estate agent’s head over the years.  BUT we are NOT in ‘balance’. We have a low supply of houses coming onto the market for sale. We also have incredibly high demand for houses from buyers who WANT to buy NOW!

So how does a real estate agent, me for example, help a buyer figure out a ‘price’ on a home? And help the buyer submit a winning offer?

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