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How should a BUYER ‘price’ a home in today’s market?

When there is ‘balance’ in the real estate market between supply and demand, the traditional strategies work just fine. In this post, I cover those so that you understand what gets ingrained into a real estate agent’s head over the years.  BUT we are NOT in ‘balance’. We have a low supply of houses coming onto the market for sale. We also have incredibly high demand for houses from buyers who WANT to buy NOW!

So how does a real estate agent, me for example, help a buyer figure out a ‘price’ on a home? And help the buyer submit a winning offer?

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Healthier homes sell better!

How healthy is the air that we are breathing? When was the last time we changed the furnace filter? Had the air ducts cleaned?
Healthier air makes for better living. Healthier homes sell better too!

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Success in a “low inventory” market

It doesn’t matter if you are a buyer or a seller, don’t panic about ‘low inventory’ situations. Yes there is a lot of competition in a seller’s market. But I’ve come up with some simple tactics/strategies for you!

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More reasons to love Ottawa!

In my newsletters in April and May, I wrote about the supply-side challenges impacting the Ottawa real estate market.  This month, let’s take a look at the demand-side. While this highly competitive market can be more challenging for my buyer clients, it makes this...

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Real Estate Market Still Dogged by Low Inventory

The Spring real estate rebound continued to be hampered through the month of April by low inventory. While the total number of sales in April was more or less consistent with the same month in 2018, the number of homes on the market continued to lag well behind last...

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